Early Christmas in Detroit, 2023

Rough start to the day. Liz has had a slight sore throat the last day or so, and this morning decided to take a Covid test.

After a little waiting and concern, the result: Negative. A bit of a relief.

We were heading to Mill Race to look at one of the workshops there, and to do a few test runs with some spare trim pieces. On our way out, we realized Jackson’s jeep needed a jump… and got the car up and running again.

Inside Mill Race Village.

Downstairs in the basement, in what I think is the “main” workshop for the village.

It’s interesting to see how other people have their shops set up. We have a lot of tools and “stuff,” but I don’t feel that we have a good workshop area set up in the baesment. We have a space to work, but that’s different than having dedicated, intentional spaces for things.

We hung out here for a little while, using a few tools, working with a few pieces of sample trim.

Back at the house, Sandy’s cozied up in the living room.

A tradition with the Holders over the holidays: monkey bread.

Tree and gifts.

Anne and Grace.

Kirt by the tree, looking over his gift (a set of Forstner bits).

Jackson and Sandy, who somehow looks both comfortable and wary at the same time.

Grace, after opening up her gift… and after we told her to keep looking in the box.

She found the money.

In addition to Jackson’s gift, we chained a ton of $1 bills together and had him (slowly) pull them out. Made for a pretty big necklace.

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