The Weepies: Living in Twilight

I’ve been re-listening to the album “Say I Am You”, by The Weepies an awful lot lately.

I think it has something to do with the slowing of the days, the closing out of the year. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this album, and I’ve forgotten how much I love so many songs on it.

I’ve realized that a lot of what I like about the songs on this album are the choruses (I think I’ve got that term correct). The songs themselves are good/catchy/pleasing, but the shift that happens midway through is what lodges in my brain. And what keeps me going back for another listen.

Case in point, this moment in the song:

So it goes, though no one knows you
like they used to do
Have a drink the sky is sinking
toward a deeper blue

There’s an interesting theme in a lot of the lyrics on this album, talking about how others not knowing “you,” which makes for an interesting experience. There’s a melancholy to the lyrics that I like, which in some ways is also something I associate with the closing of the year.

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