Christmas Dinner in Merrillville

We gathered over at Katie and Tim’s place, for a belated Christmas dinner.

We brought a few things to share. And also got to sample some Armagnac that Katie and Tim picked up, while they were in southern France earlier this year.

Unfortunately, most of this was lost on me. Still dealing with my loss of smell.

Some home made bread, that was baking while we were sipping drinks and catching up.

Chatting with Cameron, who arrived a bit late (he was working).

Didn’t get a ton of photos tonight, but remembered to snap this photo of my lovely meal. We sat at the table a good long while afterwards, and we all meandered over to the living room much later than expected (to open/share gifts).

Had a good night talking and hanging out. Fun bonus: Tim and I were talking guitars, and I learned that we both have the same guitar (a Seagull S6). He’s adjusted the action on his, and I’ve been wondering about doing the same on mine.

Before we left, Tim and I headed to the basement to check out his electric guitar. I tried playing a small bit (it’s been a while), and was fun to pick one up again. His was an Ibanez (similar to the Ibanez that I had, when I was a teenager). Fun bit of serendipity.

Christmas Dinner in Merrillville (2022)

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