Girl Scout Cookie Shampoo

Liz and I had a relaxing day planned today, with us heading to Lula Cafe for a lazy, late brunch. After that, we did a few errands and strolled around Target at a leisurely pace.

One thing we spotted: a new line of shampoos, all inspired by the many different Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

What an odd simulacrum. I get that there are a lot of folks who like the cookies, but to want to bathe in the flavor? Seems strange.

I picked up a bottle, because my curiosity got the best of me. I was wondering if there was a “Do not eat this, it’s not a cookie” message.

Yes. Yes there was.

I don’t know if these types of warnings are from prior instances of people trying to eat fake things. Or if it’s just lawyer-based caution. Maybe a little of both.

God Bless America.

Cookies from the Neighbors
Cookie Clicker, 2.0

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