Basement Cleanup

We’ve got a lot of interior trim coming our way, soon. And our house is still not in a place where I would say that we have “extra room” for things.

As of now, the basement is our best location for storage. And we’ve been trying to clear things out, and make a bit more room.

This weekend, Liz and I focused on making space. And got a bit more of it, by the end of the day.

As part of last year’s basement re-org, we put up some shelving along the North wall. We ended up pulling everything down, and sorted through all our material – noticing that several boards had gotten twisted to the point of being unusable.

Additionally, we needed to find new homes for these longer, painted boards (meant for exterior trim).

Clearing the rack.

Resituated, and a bit cleaner. Should have taken a photo before putting up the stain-covered masonite there, in the background.

Finally started to use the new DeWalt Chopsaw. There are differences that I’m still adjusting to, but it’s very crisp and clean.

Chopsaw/Stand Setup
Big Basement Reorg, Day 3
Big Basement Reorg, Day 2
Big Basement Reorg, Day 1
Basement Shuffle
Cleaning Up the Basement

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