Impromptu Martinis

Liz and I had some errands to run in the area, after work… and I proposed end our tasks by popping in to Ascione for a quick drink.

We have a nice bar at the house, but it felt like a chance for us to do a kind of impromptu date. For the most part, we’re still focusing a lot on house and work stuff primarily, so I wanted an excuse for us to do something outside of that.

I was figuring we might get a glass of wine or something. But to my surprise, Liz ended up ordering a French Martini. Which planted the seed in my mind of getting an actual martini (not something I tend to do, outside of birthday outings).

So here we are with our martinis. And a small appetizer of french fries. Granted, they’re made with truffle oil and parsley, so they’re fancy fries? A little high brow, a little low brow – a nice combination for us.

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