Ran a lot of errands today. Spent the late morning and early afternoon going from place to place, which also included a stop at Home Depot to pick up some additional 2x4s.

Funny story: I wasn’t paying close attention to the signs on the lumber, and spent about 15+ minutes sorting through a bunch of warped boards. But the odd thing was, a few of the boards were different lengths.

I was able to borrow a tape measure from an employee, and it turns out that I was pulling boards from the wrong pile.

I was wanting 8′ boards (2x4x96). Now I was smart enough to identify the 7′ boards (2x4x84), and moved on to the pile next to this area. But I didn’t look closely enough because I figured I was pulling 8′ boards, but was actually pulling from a pile of pre-cut studs designed for newer home construction (2x4x97 1/8).

Once I figured out I was pulling from the wrong pile, things got a bit better. But boy did I just waste a lot of time.

Spent the afternoon building out two more sets of horses. I think these guys are slightly better than my first attempt. I got a bit more comfortable, and was doing a lot of the production work in waves/sets.

We’re planning on getting a lot of interior trim soon, and need some way to store and process and handle it all. With the basement a bit more cleared out, and now with a place to store things… we’re looking to set up a working area down here soon.

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