A Day of Errands, First Floor Floor Revealed

Woke up early this morning, and Liz and I were out the door by around 9:30 AM. Full day of errands, including dropping off donations, stopping at our storage unit, and heading out to the suburbs to look at woodworking tools.

We spent most of the day on the road, going from place to place. A lot of constant motion. I think we paused for a late lunch, around 3:30 PM, and ate some food in our car in a parking lot. And then headed home.

When we got back, both of us were pretty tired. But one of our goals for the day was to clear out the front living room – and to get the floor exposed.

We’re expecting to get a big shipment of trim delivered soon, and Liz is going to be doing a larger batch of shellac – and finalizing the colors/process. To do this, she needs more of the floor open/visible, so that she can see how things look in the daylight.

Removing all the masonite, pulling up the paper.

Clear room, now with just a table and some chairs.

I have to say – I was pretty well done when we started this task, and I was not a happy camper. We eventually gone done, but I think I was under a combination of being sick and just feeling exhausted from the day.

It’s nice to see the room open again, and to see the floor open after all this time. The trim work that’s upcoming is going to be… quite the task. But we’re working on making the rooms actual rooms finally, and to make the first floor a bit more habitable.

It really is nice to see the floor again.

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