Suddenly, Lloyd

While surfing Facebook, I happened across this post by Anne – and did a doubletake. It was her talking about how much she enjoyed a recent play she had just attended, a production of The Chinese Lady, by Lloyd Suh, at Tipping Point Theatre.

When I saw this – a question entered my brain of “Wait, Lloyd?” And after a split second, I had a follow-up thought of “Of course, it’s Lloyd.”

I had the good fortune to be in the company of many incredibly artistic, incredibly talented folks when I was an undergraduate at Indiana University.

LLoyd was always a writer, always wanted to be a playwright even back then. And it’s no surprise to me that he’s pursued (and thrived) as a writer of words.

The Internet, along with social media, remind me at times that the world is smaller than I assume. And social media, for all its ills and awfulness, does one thing immensely well: it affords these small moments of serendipity. It provides these small collisions, of worlds that would otherwise remain in separate orbits.

I don’t have a lot of posts here that involve Lloyd, but included a few that I could find. Many of them span back nearly 20 years.

Small, small world.

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