Dovetails, Continued

Back in our woodworking class, Liz and I are working on dovetail joints. Last week, I attended our normal class but Liz had to miss because she was still under the weather.

Instead of doing a make-up class, we realized that Liz and I were mostly at the same stage (I’m markedly slower than her). So she ended up not taking a make-up class, and we both showed up at around the same point in our projects.

After cutting out the tails, I started work on the pins. Which involved using painter’s tape, and scribing the tails onto the board for the pins.

Closeup shot.

Once more, I was pretty nervous with the sawing/cutting. And mostly did an ok job. But I still find this to be one of the more stressful steps, for some reason.

Liz, working on trying to dry fit her pieces.

Action shot, working on cleaning up the pins.

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