Office Floor Demo Begins

After work today, I spent some time relocating a lot of extra boards from the office down to the basement. Mostly, I was trying to clear up the floor so that I could take up the old floor boards.

This took a long while, actually. And by the time I started to do a bit of floor demo, it was already 5PM.

I got a bit of working time in, maybe an hour or so. And started to pull up some of the old floorboards.

At one point, Liz stopped in and said “I want you to keep a positive attitude.” At first, I thought she just wanted to keep my spirits up. But what she meant was that: we’d taken up almost all of the floors in the house, at this point. And this last section was probably the last “unknown” part of the house that was left.

She said “If we have a chance of finding some hidden treasure worth a million dollars… it’s going to be here.” Wishful thinking, but it’s true – this is our last chance.

Didn’t get too far, but hopefully I can make short work of this in the coming days. My goal is to open up the floor as much as we can, and get some plywood down. But the main goal is to get this all exposed, so that we can get the electrical done for this room.

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