Storage Tetris

Went to Valpo today – partly to drop off some things, partly to pick up some things.

As part of the process, we loaded up a lot of thigns in the car… with the expectation that we could make some room in our storage unit. So this led us to spend a bit of time doing some rearranging.

A brief view into the storage unit. We moved our Plinko Board in here a few weeks back.

Pulled out a lot of stuff, so we could re-arrange some stuff, to get more stuff in.

One of the things we retrieved for storage: Liz’s wedding dress.

Two things I want to mention here.

First, if you haven’t seen our wedding photos… swing by We’ve got a lot of great photos posted, from what I would call a pretty great day.

Second – every time I looked at Liz’s wedding dress, I couldn’t help but think of the phenomenal poem by James GalvinOn the Sadness of Wedding Dresses. Seriously, if you don’t know this poem… go give it a read. It has haunted me, ever since I read it.

A little more room.

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