Housewarming Party, Najwa + Joe

Najwa and Joe have recently moved, and today Liz and I headed out to Elgin for a bit of a housewarming party.

Before our arrival though, Liz had a plan to get some balloons. So we found a nearby Party City and ventured in.

It really does what it says on the tin.

There were multiple Mardi Gras sections, each seemingly with the same set of costume pieces… but with different colors. It was a bit unnerving to me, in the way that people who organize their bookshelves by color is unnerving to me.

A huge gumball machine, in the middle of an aisle of wonders. On the far right, a “rope” of candy (something I should have taken a closer photo of).

It’s basically a 5′ plastic tube, filled with what I assume is the latest variation of whatever was inside Pixy Stix.

I can’t imagine a human, let along a child, consuming more than a fraction of this thing. Looking at it, the idea of offering actual cocaine instead of this thing seemed a healthier option.

So. Many. Brands.

Outside, with balloons.

From the upper balcony, looking down.

I spent some time outside with Mike, Joe, and Michael on the amazing balcony. It’s incredibly spacious, and we all talked at length about rain, snow, and water drainage (as you do).

We hung out for a lovely meal, and caught up a bit next to their fireplace post dinner. It’s always great to see everyone, and the time we spend together never quite feels like enough.

It was great to get a tour of Najwa and Joe’s new place, and look forward to future evenings and future visits.

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