Scenes from Woodworking Class

More a reference, than anything else. We purchased some nicer chisels a bit ago, and needed a reminder for the grits we should get for sharpening.

Our next project (which I probably won’t end up finishing in time): a two piece plant stand.

Tonight, we got a walkthrough of the pieces we needed… and we set about measuring, marking, and cutting.

The students in the class are all over the place, in terms of the projects they’re currently working on. Some are pretty far ahead, some are far behind. But we all more or less paused, to work on getting the materials prepped for this project.

I went back and forth, between my workstation and here – constantly referencing the demo pieces. I was a bit nervous to cut/saw again, as I really didn’t do well a few classes back.

But I’m happy to say that I did a fairly decent job, this time around. I was much slower and more deliberate, and didn’t allow my saw to drift too much.

I was bummed that I didn’t have enough time in class to get back to my dovetails. I spent the start of the class finalizing the pins, but didn’t get to actually attempt a dry fit.

Ah well. I’m expecting the next class (our final class) will give me a bit of time to finish whatever I want. But I’m also expecting to complete several things on my own, back home.

Dovetails, Continued

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