Evening Demo

Suited up after work, to do a bit of office demo. Not really something I wanted to do, but my hope is to make more progress in this room (which will make way for, and make it easier for, electrical work to happen).

Only got about an hour in, but was surprised at how much I could do in that time.

The process is a bit boring, if predictable. Pull up some boards, throw them over. And after a few boards, work on pulling up the nails that held the floorboards down. Rinse, repeat.

Used the circular saw a bit, to define a “landing area” by the fireplace. Also kept some floorboards in place by the West wall. Will eventually need to replace that with plywood, but for now… at least it’s resting on something while the demo is underway.

Slowly but surely. Getting my sea legs back, and getting used to walking over joists again.

Office Floor Demo Begins

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