Surprisingly Tired

It’s been a busy week. And it’s odd, in that we’ve had a lot of contractors working at the house… so it’s not like Liz and I are actually doing any work. But it’s been busy.

During this time, Liz and I are both working our day jobs (remotely). But we’re fielding a lot of questions, throughout the day – stopping to assess and provide input.

While we’re working on keeping our work projects going, it felt like we had two “live” projects here at the house (windows and electrical) that we were also trying to keep on track.

Contractors work earlier hours, usually 8AM – 3PM. So by the time our work day ends, things have settled and the house (full during the day) has quieted down. And it goes back to just the two of us.

While we’re not doing the actual work, it still feels busy. Even when we’re not physically doing the work, it’s surprising how tired we feel at the end of it all.

[photo via Adrian Swancar]

Busy Nights, Lazy Nights

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