Goodbye, Blommers

After nearly 85 years, it appears that the Blommer’s Chocolate Factory is closing down.

I used to walk by the factory all the time, back when I was working at Q101 in the Merchandise Mart.

And in many ways, I was looking forward to the air being drenched in the smell of chocolate chips, with my current company’s relocation back to the Mart.

Ah, Chicago. Perhaps it was too much to expect that my return to the Mart would be an exact return to the area I knew, some two decades earlier. For those that never experienced it, the smell of chocolate in the air? That’s going to be a bit of an absence.

To this day, I still regret not trying that chocolate we found, leaking from a nozzle on the side of the building.

I know in my bones that it wasn’t safe or healthy. But I feel like I also know that it would have been delicious.

Time is a Flat Circle
It’s leaking chocolate!
On The Way Out

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