A Clear View

Came home after running errands to find that Liz had started to peel off the plastic panels that were on both sides of our new windows.

She and been working on the interior side, and I started on the exterior. She warned me that the act of removing the plastic caused a decent amount of static build-up (and she got a particularly nasty shock).

As I pulled away the plastic liners, she wasn’t kidding! The worst was when I removed a large plastic panel from the middle window (the widest). After peeling one particularly big piece of plastic off… there was a blue spark that jumped from my finger to the metal window frame.

After that, I got a lot more cautious. Could have started a fire with that spark.

Inside, we were marveling at how clear things looked. And just taking in the view of the neighborhood.

Plastic gone, and a few curtains added. It’s starting to look like a room again.

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