The Wallings Jr.: Revelation 23

The Wallings Jr. is a band I came across an age ago… and that I still think fondly of, from time to time. I was reminded of their album, Before the War, and started listening to it again.

I got pulled into their song Revelation 23. I’ll confess – the Biblical references are a bit lost on me. But there’s something about the lyrics and the syncopation that really captured my interest, and has me listening to this song on repeat.

I’m a big fan of the writing from this album. Here’s an example of some of their lyrics:

But even the good book says he’s coming
like a thief in the night.
Place your belief upon a thief and I’m thinking
you’re off one cross to the right.
But they say if war is at your door and the moon is high,
you might as well leave on the light.

I still think they should have gotten more attention than they did. If you’ve liked any of the music videos/songs I’ve shared on here, swing by their Bandcamp page and give a listen to the album. And consider buying it, if you like it.

The Wallings Jr.: Before the War
The Wallings Jr.: On the Edge of Morning

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