Window and Cake

In a silly turn of events, while we were having new windows installed at our house, Liz was over at our neighbor’s house, helping to repair a window.

Our neighbor, Carol Jean, had some damage due to someone throwing rocks through her window and door late at night. She’s getting the door repaired, but Liz offered to help with the window – repairing the storm, as well as a pane of glass on the interior window.

Interestingly, Liz has gotten a lot of experience working with glass and old windows. And amassed both the skills and tools to be able to help with some of the repairs needed.

It just so happened that tonight, while Liz was working on some repairs, it was also Lincoln’s birthday. Carol Jean stopped over with some cake (a piece for Liz as well as me).

I have to say – with Liz’s window skills, and my ability stand next to someone who has window skills… this is really paying off for me.

In all seriousness – it was nice that we had the opportunity to help out the Browns. Liz was remarking that it just so happened that she had this niche experience that turned out to be just the thing, for us to help out.

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