My normal running path leads me to the lakefront paths around Promontory Point. Today, I came across more remnants from the winds that took down my fence, a day or so ago.

I just realized… have I mentioned I started running again? I started up again.

I’m not trying to do the couch to 5K app. That process to me felt like an ever-moving goal post, and never had a sense of accomplishment. I was able to increase my time/distance, but it always felt like I was chasing something perpetually moving out of reach.

I’m using a Nike app, and doing a very beginner level guided run. So far it’s been two minutes running, one minute recovery… and I’m… slow. But consistent.

While Liz and Tricia are training for longer distances, I’m just trying to exercise. And my short term goal is to just be able to run for maybe 30 minutes without stopping.

In the far future? Maybe a 5K. But I was never a runner, and never liked the process. But so far, I’ve been going a few times a week. I haven’t developed a set schedule for myself yet – and mostly tag along when Liz runs (though we both go our separate ways, soon after walking out the door).

But I’ve been doing it semi-consistently. So there’s a bit of momentum, which feels good. Even if the act of running very much does not feel good.

A fallen branch, near the entrance to the point.

A pretty big fallen limb, which would have been a sight to behold as it fell.

I thought there might have been some stronger winds that day… but I didn’t notice anything (I was inside, on a computer all day). But apparently… we got some weather.

The Fence Situation
Storm Damage, Hyde Park
Danger Trees
Storm Damage, Logan Boulevard
Our Courtyard Tree was Older and More Famous Than I Realized

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