Unexpected 5K

When we arrived at the Greenway Trail today, our normal parking area was blocked off. Turns out, there was a 5K race happening along the trail!

I tried to ask around about the event, but wasn’t really successful in getting anyone to talk to me. Finally grabbed some of the officials at the finish line, and learned that the trail was still open to the public – but was asked to be mindful of the race participants.

There were a few water stations set up along the trail. And it was a mix – some folks in the race, some folks just out for a weekend run (or walk).

On finishing my run, I spotted this.

By the time I finished up, they were giving out awards to various participants.

A lovely event, even if it was hard to get details at the start. We’ve been coming to this trial for a while now, and this was the first time we encountered a race.

I finish much earlier than Liz, and was hanging out in the car waiting for her. Heard a rumble, and was able to snap this photo. There’s a train track that follows the trail, but this was the first time I’d actually seen one. Two firsts in one day.

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