Kit’s Day Out

I came home to find the kids doing their chores and cleaning. And in the kitchen, Paige’s pet turtle Kit was on the loose.

Well, figuratively on the loose. Kit was out and about, but they had tied a small balloon to him (so folks could see, at a distance, that he was out and about).

It was pretty funny to see this balloon slowly move around the room, bumping into things.

Kit on the move.

Kit checking in against the wall.

Every so often, we’d see the balloon get lower and lower. Which meant that Kit walked under something (a chair, the table). And someone would have to go in and feed the balloon through, to avoid him getting stuck.

Kit in the main hallway, near the front door.

A more regal looking Kit, head held high, walking past.

Turtle Display
Hungry Turtles
The Turtle Escaped

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