The New Tools

I’d heard about this new approach to connecting water lines: instead of soldering things, using a press tool to connect lines seems to be the new thing.

I know of SharkBite fittings, that do something similar. But the mini press approach seems to have a lot of advantages, in terms of ease and speed. A big thing I heard is that in order to solder… the water needs to be completely removed from the pipes. But using a mini press, having water doesn’t matter at all.

We had some work done here at the house in Georgia. And when the plumber showed up, I saw they had a mini press with them.

I know these things are super expensive, so I was curious to see one in person. It made me wonder if a plebe like might could actually do some more complicated plumbing, if the skill of soldering was removed from the equation.

More parts for the job. I know I’d like to relocate some lines in the house, but don’t think I can justify the cost of one of these guys. That, and whether I’d get drunk with power thinking that technology would somehow be a replacement for skill/experience.

A New Water Heater

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