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About Felix Jung

Felix Jung is a digital creative, passionate about telling great stories through technology.

Felix has worked with multimedia since 2000, when he first picked up a copy of Macromedia’s Flash 4. He is very familiar with Flash animation and ActionScript (AS1) and spent the early part of his career as lead Flash Developer at Emmis Interactive, a division of Emmis Communications that serviced over 20 radio stations across the US.

In his ten years with the company, he eventually served as Director of Design Services, overseeing a team that included graphic designers, front end developers, and Flash devs. In addition to his design roles, he also worked as a Product Developer, authoring specifications for new tools that were part of BaseStation, the company’s proprietary content management system in use by over 300 clients.

He currently works as a Senior Developer at Sears Holdings, working specifically with their mobile team. He’s familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP/Custom WordPress development. He’s also dabbled with Node, and enjoys making the occasional bot.

Felix’s work and projects have been mentioned on a variety of popular websites, including BoingBoing (1, 2, 3, 4), MetaFilter (1, 2), The Next Web and The Millions.

In 2010, Felix was one of five Finalists for the first ever Month at the Museum contest. Sponsored by Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, the winner would spend 30 days and nights actually living inside the museum, documenting his/her experience the entire time. Sadly, he did not win the contest. But he did meet some pretty awesome people along the way.

A longtime blogger, he maintains avoision.com, a personal blog he’s been updating daily for over a decade. If something weird or interesting has happened to him in the last 10 years, it’s probably somewhere on his site.

Felix lives in Chicago, with his wife Liz and their two rabbits: Phineas and Daisy.

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  1. It was cool meeting you on the plane. At midway airport I thought you were Steve Aoki. You showed me a cool video on your phone about how that happens quite a bit. I’ll be in Chicago on business in July. Maybe we can have a beer. Enjoy Houston and safe travels. Peace!

    Phillip Garcia Reply

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