Chicago Nerds

I’m still learning names, and suspect it’s going to take me a while yet… given that I’m deployed offsite for most of the week. But I’m getting better, albeit slowly. Still a lot of people (and dogs) I haven’t quite met yet.


The Bare Minimum

Either way, it felt like a sign of laziness – and it made me smile. The rest of my walk to the train, all I could imagine was someone saying to themselves “Eff it, I’m staying home.”


Halfway There

On my way to work, I stopped at Wabash and Randolph and caught some CTA workers painting the El tracks overhead. At first glance, all I caught was the crane in the middle of the street… but after a few moments, I realized the entire structure was in a state of flux: half painted, half unpainted.


Insulating the Guest Room

With a lot of demo work done over the last few weeks, today Liz and I worked on adding insulation to the guest room wall. Though it’s a little counter-intuitive to open up the walls with the cold outside, we’re sealing up cracks with Great Stuff and adding a layer of much-needed insulation.


Snowfall, Leaffall

The snow that was falling wasn’t quite hail, but ticked on the roof and windshield of the car. So I knew each bit carried a bit of weight.


At the Lake House

You think you know them,
these creatures robed

in your parents’ skins. Well,
you don’t. Any more than you know
what the pines want from the wind,