Garden Arbor Construction, Part 1

Liz and I both scheduled a half day on Friday, with the goal of getting all our arbor materials ahead of the weekend. In addition to that, we needed to rent a power augur. We figured if we could get all this settled Friday, we could hit it early Saturday morning – and just go to the backyard and get to work.


The Cut List

Initially, I had us getting 10′ beams. But re-doing the math, realized we were going with the 10 footers for a difference of 2″. If we were ok reducing the depth of the post holes, we could us a full 8′ beam instead.


Weekly Updates

I’ve let the blog go a good amount, moving from daily updates to weekly… and I think things kept quiet on here for maybe a week and a half. I don’t think it got quite to two weeks, but it got closer to that than it’s ever gotten.


The Arbor Prototype

We had a lot of backwards math to do: start with the overall height, then reduce it down to where we wanted it to be. Then figure out the height of the posts themselves. And then also factor in how far the posts should go into the ground.


Relocating the Garden Box

Liz has a vision for restructuring our backyard. To even begin laying out that plan, one of our garden boxes needed to be relocated.

This isn’t a final move, but more of a “get it out of the way for now” move.


Farm Sonnet

“The barn roof sags like an ancient mare’s back.
The field, overgrown, parts of it a marsh
where the pond spills over.”


Road Trip for a Door in La Moille

Via Facebook Marketplace, Liz found a door that she really wanted, to use as our back kitchen door. She repaired the one we have now, but has been on the lookout for its replacement for some time.

This morning we rented a U-Haul van, and made our way down to La Moille.