Threading the Storm

On our way out, we seemed to perfectly hit this stretch where we were threading the edge of a storm. Not quite in it, not quite out of it. It wasn’t so much that we were running from the storm, as running alongside it.


Backyard Prep

Liz was doing some backyard prep work. The weather has been warmer than usual, earlier than usual… and she felt that putting some mulch down in back seemed appropriate. But incredibly early, compared to prior years.


Felix Jung, 20×2: What Did You See?

Had a fun night at 20×2 Chicago, with a new venue: Gman Tavern. The question was: “What Did You See?”

For those not familiar with the format, 20 presenters are invited to participate. Folks can answer the prompt however they like: show some slides, sing a song, do an interpretive dance. The only hard rule is that they must answer the question, in two minutes or less. It makes for a very interesting evening.


Creepy Fun

It’s hard to explain, without giving it away. So I’ll just share another screenshot and say that I’m having a blast, trying to make this weird idea happen. Which is always a good sign, whenever I have a weird idea I’m trying to code out.


Slumbering Roses

Liz was out in the yard today, doing some preliminary cleanup. We’ve had a spate of good, warm weather… and though we expect it to get colder soon, she’s been taking advantage of the extra sunlight and the extra warmth.


A Trip to REI

Today, after work, we decided to actually go out to a physical store and go shopping (neither of us could really remember the last time we did this). We visited REI on the North side of Chicago, looking to get some hiking shoes, and some layers.


Hugo Hop

Caught this moment where Hugo hopped on top of the hut, and was content to just sit there while getting pets.


Playing Pandemic

I’ve seen Pandemic around for a long, long time. It’s one of these classic board games that I’ve heard tons about, but never played. I’ve debated purchasing it several times in the past, but the rules always intimidated me… and I held off.

A few weeks back, I ended up going to our local toy store and finally bit the bullet. I looked over the instructions, and got comfortable enough with things that I decided I wanted to try to experience what this board game was all about.