Workday Demo: Wednesday

As may be evident from the photographic documentation, I want to say we’re losing steam. We got a decent amount done tonight… but this is tantamount to us working five days in a row non-stop doing demo work.


Workday Demo: Monday

Despite it being a Monday, Liz and I wanted to keep to our house schedule this week. That means suiting up after work, and putting in two hours or so of demo.

This was really challenging, especially coming off a weekend where all we did was demo. But we are wanting to get the first floor in shape. So we’re driven.


Living Room Demo, Part 1

Before I could take hammer to wall, I had to score the ceiling, take off all the trim in the room, cover up a few vents, and also tape up some plastic to contain all the dust. I started the actual demo closer to noon, I want to say.


Living Room Demo Prep, Continued

After work today, Liz and I spent a lot of time prepping the living room for our weekend demo. Not the ideal way to spend a Friday evening, but we’re back in house mode again… and this is what it involves.


Clean Code

Our team at work has started to read “Clean Code,” by Robert Martin. Several other teams in the company have done this as well (reading it collectively, and scheduling meeting times to discuss each chapter). It’s a bit like homework, but I’m actually really glad we’re doing it.