“but the little girl didn’t want
to learn how because she knew
even if she couldn’t say it that
that would mean when the old one died she would be less
dependent on her spirit so”


An Old Poem Surfaces on a Podcast

What a lovely surprise to see in my Inbox, and what an even lovelier surprise to hear. I feel very honored that someone liked my work enough to include it, let along recite/record it for others to hear.


Cautiousness and Delays

The idea of eating inside a restaurant or having a drink inside a bar sounds lovely. Seeing family and friends again, sounds lovely. But I have no idea how ready I am for that all.

After over a year being cautious, staying inside and avoiding the out, large crowds make me uncomfortable. I was never one for being around a ton of other people, and that aversion to crowds has grown over the last year.


A Trip to Abt Electronics, Discovering Patel Brothers

The first hour or so was fine. But it’s been a while since I’ve been around people. As the crowds started to grow, I began to get more and more uncomfortable – particularly around the refrigerator and stove areas on the first floor.

In my head, I called it “the infection zone.”



I lost… a lot of time to this game. How much time, you ask? Well, both times over the weekend when my vision got blurry, I had also been playing this game a lot. To the point where I wondered if my staring at my phone for so long could have caused the blurriness.


A Return to South Beach

While I was sitting at my desk today, she came up in the late morning and dropped this plate off for me. It’s cauliflower with some hummus, along with some turkey rolls (the insides have Muenster cheese and a light coating of peanut butter [with no sugar in it]).


Checking Out the Eyes

He told me that my eyes were not damaged at all, which was a good thing. As high blood sugar can cause damages to the eyes and blood vessels. And that Diabetes is the third leading cause of blindness. Another sobering fact to take in.


A Year of Unhealthy Living Catches Up to Me

I started noticing I had some blurry vision a few days ago. And last night, I had a late snack and was then reading in bed. After about 20 minutes or so, as I was reading, I noticed the text began to get blurry.

It was then that I drew the connection between me eating/digesting food and my blurry vision. A few quick Google searches gave me results that were not promising, and seemed to suggest Diabetes.


Easter Surprises

As Liz was running towards the squirrel and clapping her hands, she also noticed that a nearby egg was on the ground, open and emptied. We were, it turns out, a little late to the party (which had gotten started without us).



I had an odd thing today happen, right before I went out to run errands. I was sitting at my computer, and the text on the screen just wasn’t getting into focus.


Backyard Weather

We are to be getting new neighbors soon, as someone bought the house next door last year and has been renovating. It will be interesting to see how/if life changes for us back here, with another family next door.


MyKey: Mazda5

Breaking down on my birthday
Zero to sixty by Thursday
Really should have fixed my rear view
I backed into my teacher at the drive thru
Now she’s so banged up but I just can’t lie