“I never thought Michiko would come back
after she died. But if she did, I knew
it would be as a lady in a long white dress.”


Long Days

The analogy that comes to mind for me, for this project overall: packing everything necessary for a 3rd grade class to spend a week in the woods. In addition to packing all their clothes and toiletries, figuring out all the other things that might be needed for that kind of an excursion.


A Day Outside

It’s been a while since Liz and I did this, any of this, and it was great. No real deadlines, no rush, just ambling around.

Liz and I spend too much of our time at home, sitting at a desk, working. And to carve out a full day where we did the exact opposite of that… felt really good. And in many ways, felt like a reminder of a normal day.


Learning About Roblox

“… the lack of regulation in today’s tech sector is seeing a lot of historically illegal practices coming back again, with a new lick of paint. Robox paying people in Robux is very, very similar to historical mining and logging camps in the United States paying people in company scrip.”


Metric: Gold Guns Girls

“I remember when we were gambling to win
Everybody else said better luck next time
I don’t wanna bend, let the bad girls bend
I just wanna be your friend
Is it ever gonna be enough”


Bottles of Bottlers

Liz went on an exploration, and got several new bottles to try out. Ever a fan of the sherry, she got a pretty interesting sampling of bottles (which arrived today).


Final Window Painting

A lot of the complexity is in the paint needing to overlap the putty slightly, and make contact with the glass. This ensures a proper seal, but is also incredibly tricky in that it’s paint on glass (and has a tendency to run and not remain in a straight line).


Head Down

It’s funny in that crunch time isn’t the week prior to launch, but actually right around now: 4+ weeks before launch. We need time for QA and review and revisions, all of which means that things need to be closer to done now (ish).


Monkey Business

And the reason I noticed them? This monkey logo. Which totally caught me off guard, and made me stop in my tracks.

I understand grease traps and having been involved in the restaurant business, I get why grease recycling is a thing. But why a monkey? Why the banana? I couldn’t quite connect the dots here.