Back Porch Repair

A fun and incredibly beautiful day today, with the weather in the upper 50’s and a hint in the air that Spring is just around the corner.



I’m torn on this step, because right now I feel like I’m procrastinating. I think it’ll be good to actually document my setup… and I think it’ll also help to share my design with others, because I’m positive I’m doing tons of things wrong. Or at a minimum, I have lots of opportunities for refinement.

What I should be doing now is transferring things to a Perma-Proto board, and to start figuring out how to enclose all this stuff into an actual, honest to goodness box.


Drywall Work in the Basement

With the wall clear, there were a few more things we had to do before adding drywall. First up: installing some wood header pieces, inside the joist spaces, so that the drywall had something to grab onto. And we also wanted to add some soundproof insulation to the walls (a future plan for this space down here is to convert it into a bathroom).