Late Fire

Tonight thought, we both ended work a little earlier than usual. And so we set up outside, for one last fire that might be the last time we do this, given the colder days ahead.


Nostalgia in the Time of Coronavirus

“Negative emotions are various but they are similar in one dimension, which is it hurts and leads people to react, to amend, to try to counter the negative feelings. One possible way to recover – or to generate positive utility – is to seek nostalgia that reminds people of the good old days.”



I have had and seen coworkers burn out. So far, I’ve been holding pretty steady… but there’s a part of me that wonders how long until I go the same way. Liz and I have talked, briefly, about trying to come up with ways to better separate our work and personal lives. Because so far this year, we’ve not done a great job of that.


Digging into the Archives

I was working on the house recently, and when I was looking for music to play… ended up looking at my Spotify collection by Album (sorting only by album name).

This was a fun thing, as I ended up remembering a ton of albums I haven’t listened to in… well, in ages. A lot of digging into old favorites, songs from a bygone era.


Busy Weeks

Without hyperbole, Liz has been working nonstop for weeks now. Late nights during the week, long days over the weekend. As an outside observier: it’s been brutal.


Protecting the First Floor Floor, Continued

Put in time today in the dining room, also trying to get paper and Masonite down to protect our new floor.

Part of what I did was bring up the table saw, and to do some custom cuts of Masonite. I’m overlapping boards in a few places, but ultimately I’d like to just have a single, smooth surface.


Protecting the First Floor Floor

A huge point that both Bob and Nick made to us: tape the paper to the paper, not to the floor. The chemicals from the tape will seep into the wood, and when you go to remove the tape… you’ll remove some of the stain as well. And while it can be repaired, you’ll always be able to tell something happened.

Tape the paper to the paper, tape the Masonite to the Masonite. No tape to the floor, ever.


Falling Leaves

There isn’t much to this video. It’s just a snippet of the afternoon, standing on my front porch, as the leaves just seemed to pour down. A hint of fall, a signal of the cold to come.

A quiet, unassuming moment I felt worth capturing.


First Floor: Varnish 2

It’s a challenge with these images, as we only end up coming downstairs well into the evening (we need to wait around 90+ minutes after Nick’s done to walk on the floor). We don’t really get to see the floor much in daylight, as it’s dark when we actually can walk around.


First Floor: Varnish 1

Nick and Milton came by today, to have another pass at the floor. After their normal, full day… they stopped by around 4PM to put down the first layer of varnish.

Similar to the stain, once the varnish is down… we need to stay off of the floor for a set amount of time (about an hour to an hour and a half, until it dries).


First Floor: Staining

We’re being really careful to watch gingerly along the floor. And I can’t help but feel like every step I take is going to somehow irreparably damage all the work that’s been done. It’s like the floor is some kind of delicate, beautiful lava, and I need to just stay off it at all costs.


First Floor: Sanding

Honestly? I was not expecting such a stark change, with the slight gaps between boards seemingly removed, and a continuity that stretched from room to room.