Worked from home today, and while that’s generally a relaxing thing… I found myself feeling stressed out with the upcoming holidays. Lots of things to get done, and the day was getting the better of me.


Liz Solo Day

Liz had the day off today. And instead of taking a much-needed break, she suited up and spent the day working on the living room. We had some backer board left to rip and put up, along with a lot of drywall pieces arond the window frames.

And she did it all. Table saw, circular saw, multitool, staple gun, the works.


E.T. and Yoda Exist in the Same Universe

The kicker of all this is, while Yoda and ET exist in the same universe, that very same universe is one where Star Wars exists also as a fictional movie, with its own merchandise (and Halloween masks). Which kind of makes my head spin around, in a fun way.


New Duct in the Living Room

First bit of backerboard installed. Eventually, a sheet of 3/8″ drywall will sit on top of this thing. And a second sheet of 1/2″ drywall will cover both the 3/8″ and the backerboard. The idea behind the backerboard is to ensure there’s always material to bite into, when installing the baseboard/trim. No need to hunt for studs, since there should always be something to dig into.


I’m Getting DSL (in Germany)

Starting a week or so back, I began receiving emails from a DSL company in Germany. I’m accustomed to getting email intended for other people named Felix Jung (Google ignores special characters in email addresses, so felix.jung as well as f.e.l.i.x.j.u.n.g arricves in my Inbox)). So when the email is in German, I suspect it’s for some other Felix Jung.


Sick Days

Once more, I worked from home again today. My cough got really bad last night, to the point where I was feeling uncomfortable and just counting the hours until I could take some NyQuil and go to sleep


My Wife Knows Me

I was home sick again today. The morning was somewhat ok, but I got worse as the day progressed.

Liz, chatting with me via Skype, reminded me to drink water. And reminded me to drink more than just coffee.


Living Room Ceiling Drywall, Part 2

I ended up working from home today, as I was feeling pretty under the weather. I had a runny nose the day before, and today I just felt off. Not sick to the point where I’m delirious with fever, but off enough to know that I shouldn’t be around other people.


The Snickers Bag

We’ve had this bag of leftover Halloween candy in the kitchen. Originally, it was going to go to Liz’s office, but I think we both got lazy and it’s just been sitting here… open. And we’ll inevitably walk by and grab a little something out of it.

But for me, I’ve been grabbing everything except the Snickers bars. Because I just don’t care for them. The result of this natural selection is that gradually, this thing has turned into one ginormous bag of Snickers.


Travel Day to Costa Rica

Woke up super early (4:00 AM) so that we could catch a ride to O’Hare, along with Julie and Bob, for a vacation in Costa Rica. We got invited to stay with Liz’s Uncle David and Auth Beth, and to trade in our cold Chicago days for some warmer climes.


Less Funny

The Oriental Theater has had its name changed for well over a year now, but I’m still not quite used to it.


Peleton Responses

The speed at which online memes spread has always been amazing. Where we used to have the Streisand effect, we now get viral videos and GIFs. And, with Aviation’s commercial… remarkably deft and quick responses to virality, that in turn become viral themselves for their deftness and quickness.