Bird, Bathroom

Eventually, Liz slipped into the bathroom with me (sans bucket). And then the three of us found ourselves pinned in the same, small enclosure together: me, my wife, and a random bird.


The Sandman: First Look

I’ve been a fan of Sandman ever since my friend Dipti introduced me to it, back when I was an undergraduate at Indiana University. I spent many a lovely evening, leaving my shift at the public library… walking over to the neighborhood comic store, buying a collection… and then spending a few hours on the front steps of my house, reading as the light faded to dusk.


Plant-Based Meatballs

Lately, I’ve taken to just converting the burger patties into actual meatballs that I end up cooking with some pasta sauce. This, combined with a brand of chickpea spaghetti noodles I’ve found, makes for a quite tasty (and surprisingly fully vegetarian) meal.


Slow Updates

Instead of a caption or comment under each photo, I’m skipping around a lot… and only leaving notes at meaningful moments. Even with this approach, I’m looking at maybe one or two days’ worth of posts, per evening.


Signs of Squirrel

Another fun thing to return to, after several weeks away: apparently, the squirrels had themselves a bit of a party along our fence.


Suddenly, Smoke

A story I didn’t share yet: the night we returned home, I turned the water heater back up to its normal temperature. And a few minutes later… I started getting whiffs of smoke from upstairs.


Travel Day, Scotland to Chicago

A lot of logistics for us today. We fly out of Glasgow, so this meant driving the hour from Edinburgh to Glasglow, stopping to add petrol to the car, before then dropping it off at the airport.


Scotland, Day 16: Hiding Out in the Hotel Room, Soup at Union of Genius, Cocktails at Panda and Sons, Kaleidoscope Bar at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Dinner at the Scran and Scallie

We learned a bit more about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and both Liz and I were quite floored by the selections that our server, Francesco, pulled for us.

We had several drams here, and each and every single one was absolutely delicious. I think right here and now is where I started to really lean towards cask strength Speyside whiskies, very bright and fruit forward.


Scotland, Day 13: Knockando Woolmill, GlenAllachie Distillery, Craigellachie Bridge, Exploring the Grounds at Glen Grant Distillery, an Unexpected Visit to Elchies Estates, Dinner at Highlander Inn

Shortly after our visit to the bridge, Liz and I had a choice: go on the Glenfarclas tour or try to visit Glenturret Distillery (we had heard really great things about the grounds at the distillery). We opted to skip the tour, and chose instead to walk around in the final hour Glenturret was open.

And boy, am I glad we did.


Scotland, Day 12: Cairngorms National Park, Quad Biking through Rothiemurchus Estate, Cardhu Distillery, Strathisla Distillery, the Quaich Bar, Dinner at the Copper Dog

At one segment: there were Highland Cows in the road. And I mean literally in the road. At least two of them were actually taking a nap, right on the road.

Our guide drove up to them slowly, and stood up on her ATV as a means to get their attention and to get them to move. A few did (begrudgingly and slowly) move along.


Scotland, Day 11: The Macallan, Aberlour Distillery, Anniversary Dinner at Dowans Hotel, and a Most Amazing Coincidence

There was another couple, seated at the table next to us: Ian and Susan. Towards the end of the evening, we got to talking with them… and found out that they had won a contest for their charity work, during Covid. And as part of that contest, they chose to have dinner here, tonight.

The reason? It was also their wedding anniversary. And to top it off? It was ALSO their 12th wedding anniversary! What are the odds!?