Bunny Face Time

Fun fact: we usually keep the bunnies in a pen, in a smaller area of the first floor. But ever since mid-March, we’ve stopped “putting them away” in the evenings and they have free reign over the main hall area.


Late Nights

A coworker mentioned that most people are finding themselve working an average of 2 more hours per day. Is this just a busy time all around? Are people getting more into the zone, and losing track of time? Are we all getting used to remote work?


Random Yard Photo

The funny thing is that this is about how long I was outside: just long enough to snap a photo, and then back in.

I got a phone call from the folks who showed up for the work, stepped outside to the porch, waved, and that was it. Minimal contact, minimal conversation, minimal time out of doors.


First Coronavirus Excursion

Liz has had medication waiting for her at our local Walgreen’s. And knowing this was a need that would require us to leave the house… we decided to lump several other tasks on the same day. If we were going to be out and about, we may as well try to get all the things done.


Which Switch?

Maybe I’m just trying to switch things up (see what I did there)? Maybe I just want a small change to my work routine, just so I can feel alive.


Ticket to Ride

We changed up our usual game, and broke out Ticket to Ride. I’m used to this game being one that involves a lot of people, but was surprised that the two of us could play fairly easily.

One thing I wasn’t expecting: long periods of card drawing and hoarding. And then a flurry of activity. I was a bit more aggressive in trying to preemptively block routes, and am wondering if that’s a good strategy or not, with just two players on the board.


April Snow

We’re about five weeks into staying inside, due to the Coronavirus. So what if it’s snowing outside?

Really, what does it matter? What are days anymore? What is time?


Setting Up the Dryer

Next up was the hardest bit: removing the existing gas line. Originally, I had intended to just pop off the cap. I struggled with this a bit, and decided halfway that it would be better to remove this length of pipe entirely (which connected to the gas shutoff valve).


The Banco Río Job

“Araujo had a crazy idea, and he shared it with his friend Sebastián García Bolster. This was a few years after the botched Ramallo heist had lodged itself in Araujo’s brain. It would be crazy to rob a bank but not leave, he mentioned to Bolster. To disappear through a hole. Bolster had been friends with Araujo since high school, and he agreed: That did sound like a wild way to rob a bank. But he assumed it was just some lark; his pal Araujo smoked a lot of weed.”


Busy Working Weekend

Had a fun chat wiht Liz, as she’s been trying to measure the impact that the Coronavirus has had (and will have) on DePaul’s students: tracking current students, new students, and what it all means for the DePaul, both this year and the next.


Setting up the Washer

The laundry has been piling up. And under normal circumstances, I’d be going to the laundromat. But we’ve had a washer/dryer combo sitting in the basement for some time now, waiting to get hooked up.

We’ve punted on setting these up, choosing instead to focus on the first floor of the house. It was a conscious choice, and the bulk of our efforts have been on getting the first floor a bit more in shape, a bit more habitable.