Daisy the Stoic

Tonight when we were sitting with the bunnies (a nightly ritual for us, near the end of the evening), Hugo was bopping around some. But Liz and I were laughing at Daisy, who was just sitting still, with this kind of far-off daze on her face. Just totally checked out and indifferent.


One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)

This morning, Liz took out her “Liquid Stevia” sweetener, for her coffee. Noticing it next to the “Body Cleanse,” we saw how similar these bottles were. Add our whisky water dropper to the group, and you’ve got the makings of a screwball comedy script here.


Candy Temptation

I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth, but during the holidays… I definitely had more cookies and things than I’m accustomed to. And from time to time, I have the thought that “A cookie would be nice, right about now.”


A Few Days a Week

The blog is a weird animal. Part of it is a personal diary, part of it is like a very large notebook of things I want to just save for some future reference or reflection. I don’t even know how many people still have blogs anymore.

Once all the rage in the early 2000’s, I feel like the act of sharing one’s personal life has continued and grown – but fractured into smaller, more consumable pieces of media. A tweet, an Instagram photo, a TikTok video.


Against the Storm

The gameplay is a bit mesmerizing, and I find a kind of hypnotic appeal to the constant building and re-building of structures and roads, clearing out trees and setting up trade routes. Is it weird to say that it feels somewhat calming?


Looming Layoffs

The warnings of pending layoffs (particularly in the tech sector) have been in the news lately. A lot of big name companies have, or are planning to cut costs by letting employees go.

Amazon has said it would be looking to lay off 18,000 people; Meta (Facebook’s parent company) is looking to reduce its workforce by 13% (around 11,000 people).


Daisy is Hard Down

Liz and I have a silly saying that we use, whenever we see that Daisy is fast asleep. If we can tell she’s really out sleeping, we’ll say “She’s hard down!”