Sprice Machines: Ice Cream Server

I want to argue that Cog (which came out in 2003) was one of the first “viral” Rube Goldberg machines to make the rounds on the Internet. Which was no small feat back then, since it would be another 3 years until YouTube came to be.


A Bit of Caution

There’s actually two banks of elevators, but the vestibule area was cordoned off for some reason. The elevators were still working, but you could only enter them from the outside.

Peering into the vestibule area, every elevator door was criss-crossed with caution tape. It made taking the elevators feel really, really dicey.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 3

Basement reorg done! The masonite is going to stay, because Liz needs some floor protection for when she’s stripping/refinishing wood. And also for any impromptu breakdancing competitions that might happen.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 1

We’ve had a few days to decompress and just rest/relax/loaf. And today, we decided to suit up and put a little time into some house work. The basement has been super neglected for a long time, and one of Liz’s goals for our holiday break was to do some serious reorganization.


A Fitting Turn of Events, Sorta

The thing of it is, as I was getting my keys made using the machine… I turned around, and saw the guy (at the key duplication stand) staring at me. It got uncomfortable, so I turned away.

I’m not sure why Home Depot would set something like this up, positioning both stations so close to one another. It felt really awkward. When I looked at the guy, his eyes seemed to say to me “Why are you taking food out of the mouths of my children?”