Christmas in Indy, Day 2: Cold and Snow, Painting and Cookies

We were thinking about using an upcoming weekend day to just relax and make cookies. But looking at our remaining time and our progress in the hallway, we realized we had more work and less free time than we anticipated.

So tonight, we made cookies. Or rather – everyone else made cookies, and I watched them. Liz brought a few recipes and was working on Oatmeal cookies and Sugar cookies.


Christmas in Indy, Day 1: Painting Prep and Ransom Note

One prompt in particular stands out. It was: “Politely tell your kidnapper that you need to go to the bathroom.” I forget who gave this answer, but the phrase “juice break” came up. And for the rest of the night (and the rest of our visit), that became a kind of in-joke that we kept going.


A Light Bet

Known for its custom messages, the two of us argued about how the messages were “created.” Liz felt that it was a more manual process (turning on specific office lights by hand), and I was convinced it had to be a more automated one (involving a central computer or laptop that handled everything).


Ode I. 11

“Leucon, no one’s allowed to know his fate,
Not you, not me: don’t ask, don’t hunt for answers
In tea leaves or palms.”


Hugo Burrito

We had some long overdue bunny maintenance planned today (cleaning Daisy up with some wet wipes, and clipping Hugo’s toenails). For both, Liz and I employed the tried and true “bunny burrito” method.


Cottage Duo

Got this lovely moment, when both Hugo and Daisy were in the cottage together. This has traditionally been Daisy’s spot, so it was fun to see Hugo also jammed in here with her.


The Fear Returns

Right now, I’ve become more wary about going out. I know I’ve been fairly cavalier about going out to bars and restaurants, but the feeling I get now is that it’ll be better to avoid public spaces this winter. At least, until things settle down a bit more.

I’m not convinced things will be fine, and have a growing worry that things will get worse. But I’m predisposed to that. The worry. So I guess we’ll just see.


Hugo, Napping

Usually, Hugo is all full of pep and energy. So it was a rare treat to find him taking a nap, and to see him flopped over a bit on his side to boot.


Memento Media Mori

Initially, it was surprising to see that there is a Memorialization settings option. But I guess it makes some degree of sense. What was most surprising to me is that this setting is one of three options, under General profile settings… and something at the very topmost level.