The Feliz Project

It started as a bit of an inside joke. And I think I’ve mostly worked out the mechanics of how things should work. While I’ve still got some design and layout work to do, it’s pretty close – shy of just buying the domain name, and uploading things.


Sistering in a Support Joist

With more duct work and electrical and piping now in the basement, we can no longer easily just insert a full-length board across the basement.

Luckily for us, Bob’s done this sort of thing before. And cut a long board into two notched pieces, which we would then “lock” into place with a tapered peg.


Bunny Traffic Jam

We have this plastic tunnel thing that we bring out, from time to time. It’s older, and not something Hugo has really seen before.

Tonight, Liz threw few pellets inside to encourage Hugo to explore. Because Hugo, for all his size and weight, is still something of a scaredy cat.


Toad the Wet Sprocket: Liars Everywhere

The album Pale, by Toad the Wet Sprocket, was a big album for me in my late teens. I think I came across it in the last year or so of high school, and it’s an album that definitely followed me to college.

More than that, it was an album that I had on literal repeat, during my graduate school years. When I was writing poems, I’d often just loop this album non-stop (CD in the PC computer days).


Second Pocket Door: Hidden Mechanisms

Liz started to take out some of the pieces, for cleaning. And then realized someone had cut out part of the door to insert some fittings, and then patched it up again (a small square of wood). She got a few things cleaned up, but ultimately stepped back from taking the whole thing apart.


A Familiar Animation

There is a sadness and melancholy that emanates from both of these videos. Both of these videos evoke a sense of hurt and a sense of celebration, in equal measure. As does the act of sharing these videos, I think.