Scotland, Day 6: Bowmore Distillery, Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Jura, Jura Distillery

We waited so long, in fact, that we were at risk of missing our ferry to Jura (it’s a short distance, but we wanted to get over to the island for as much of the day as possible). I really hauled on the drive from Bruichladdich to Port Askaig – and just floored it on the straightaways (where it was just a single lane, and I could clearly see no one else was around).


Travel Day to Scotland

Shortly after we both logged off of work, and shortly before we got into a car to get to the airport: a shared dram on the back porch. Looking out over the backyard, and also at the arbor (which we’re aiming to paint once we return).



I was walking to UPS today, and came across a driver just kind of sitting at a stop sign. There were no other cars around, but he seemed to be just looking in the distance. And not moving.


The Papermate Compulsion

One catch though: the pencils came with this horrible protrusion that lets you affix them to shirt pockets I guess? I ended up doing this rather insane/obsessive thing: I’d break the thing off. Then I’d take a pair of pliers and rip off as much as I could. Then I’d take a nail file, and file the area smooth.

This does not feel like a normal thing for a high school kid to do.


Potato Harvest

Rather than grow them directly in the soil, she is uses these specialized bags that allow for a custom mixture of soil (and also allow the water to drain if overfull).


Jim Croce: I’ve Got a Name

It’s been ages since I’ve really listened to this song (or any of Croce’s work, really). But I used to listen to it all the time, when I made the drive from Indianapolis to Bloomington and back.