Portland Anniversary, Day 1: Relocation

After arriving, we wrote to the Airbnb hosts letting them know we had moved out and wanted to cancel the remainder of our reservation. This was a tricky and stressful matter for us because, technically, they could have refused our request and argued we owed them the full week’s worth of rent – as traditional Airbnb policy doesn’t allow for cancellations once you’ve arrived.


Joanne and Tomiwa’s Wedding

The wedding/reception was at a lovely venue called Paradise Falls. I was tempted to bring my camera, fulfilling my role as a Chinese wedding guest… but decided to just bring my phone. I figured I’d let the professional photographers handle the photos.


Travel Day to San Diego

Liz and I are heading out to San Diego, to attend my cousin Joanne’s wedding. We flew out on Friday, giving ourselves the full day to travel and get settled before the festivities.


Learning How to Relax Again

As a developer, generally the task before you is taking a large amount of chaos and uncertainty… and then distilling that down to a stable, predictably recurring outcome. This work lends itself well to how, I feel, my brain is naturally wired.

This mindset, howver, works less well in the real world – where I have control of fewer variables. And despite my best plans and intentions, the outcomes are never as stable as I may want them to be.