Evening Demo

Suited up after work, to do a bit of office demo. Not really something I wanted to do, but my hope is to make more progress in this room (which will make way for, and make it easier for, electrical work to happen).

Only got about an hour in, but was surprised at how much I could do in that time.


Too Soon

It’s one thing to know my birthday is coming up. And that it’s a big number.

It’s something else entirely, to have this large shadow fall over my house. To have time manifest itself in such a direct and aggressive manner. To have the notion forced into my brain that the days ahead may not be equal, or less, to the days behind.

I’m not ready.


Scenes from Woodworking Class

Our next project (which I probably won’t end up finishing in time): a two piece plant stand.

Tonight, we got a walkthrough of the pieces we needed… and we set about measuring, marking, and cutting.

The students in the class are all over the place, in terms of the projects they’re currently working on. Some are pretty far ahead, some are far behind. But we all more or less paused, to work on getting the materials prepped for this project.


Office Floor Demo Begins

At one point, Liz stopped in and said “I want you to keep a positive attitude.” At first, I thought she just wanted to keep my spirits up. But what she meant was that: we’d taken up almost all of the floors in the house, at this point. And this last section was probably the last “unknown” part of the house that was left.

She said “If we have a chance of finding some hidden treasure worth a million dollars… it’s going to be here.” Wishful thinking, but it’s true – this is our last chance.


Late Night Bunny

Keep in mind this was pretty late. I want to say it was something like 12:30 or 12:45 AM. Long past what I think is a reasonable bedtime for bunny rabbits. But here this guy was, bold as brass, just hanging out in the yard.


Dovetails, Continued

After cutting out the tails, I started work on the pins. Which involved using painter’s tape, and scribing the tails onto the board for the pins.


Suddenly, Lloyd

While surfing Facebook, I happened across this post by Anne – and did a doubletake. It was her talking about how much she enjoyed a recent play she had just attended, a production of The Chinese Lady, by Lloyd Suh, at Tipping Point Theatre.

When I saw this – a question entered my brain of “Wait, Lloyd?” And after a split second, I had a follow-up thought of “Of course, it’s Lloyd.”


Borg Remastered

Here’s a new term I came across: FMV (Full-Motion Video). It’s a kind of video game comprised entirely of pre-recorded videos.

If it sounds a bit dated, well… that’s where you’re right. But note that we’re talking about Star Trek here. And we’re talking about a chance to play this game, for free, online.


A Day of Errands, First Floor Floor Revealed

When we got back, both of us were pretty tired. But one of our goals for the day was to clear out the front living room – and to get the floor exposed.

We’re expecting to get a big shipment of trim delivered soon, and Liz is going to be doing a larger batch of shellac – and finalizing the colors/process. To do this, she needs more of the floor open/visible, so that she can see how things look in the daylight.


Shot and a Chaser

In some ways, I feel like I’m taking DayQuil to recover from the lingering, sedative effects of the NyQuil I took the evening prior. As I’m going through this motion, it totally feels like a scam.

I’d complain to Vicks about this, but I’m a little too tired to do much about it at the moment. Maybe when I’m feeling a bit better.


Sora: AI Generated Video from Text

The level of detail is pretty incredible, even if there are issues here and there in the background. Difficult to wrap my head around the fact that all of the videos here don’t actually exist, and were generated by text commands interpreted by a machine.

I’m a bit excited and terrified, to see where this will go.