Cleaning the Mantel

Apparently, the color was due to the shellac used, and has required several rounds of cleaning to get to this point. I think Liz mentioned that she stripped this three times, and there was still shellac seeping up through the pours (and eventually she just had to stop).


Dippin’ Dots and the Cold Chain

The COVID vaccine currently being shipped around the country—manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech and granted an emergency use authorization on Friday—needs to be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, or else important components can degrade.


Keeping millions of doses that chilly is no easy task, and necessitates what manufacturers call a “cold chain”: an infrastructure that standardizes temperature throughout every step of shipping and delivery.


Lewis Capaldi: Someone You Loved

On first viewing, I thought the story was a kind of time travel thing, where the older man in the video was present day… and the couple was from an earlier time. When I realized they were different people, I thought “Oh, you bastards.”


Revisiting Logan Square

At times, I found myself getting bored and being done with being around people. At other times, I remembered why everyone had on a mask and got even more uncomfortable being around people. Even after all this isolation, I don’t find myself craving crowds; it’s the same feeling: get away, get home.


Advent of Code

I’ve tried to do some of these in my spare time, outside of work. Sadly, I’m a bit behind and it’s been harder to keep motiviated the further behind I get. I also realize that my “outside of work” relaxation involves code for imaginary problems that don’t exist. It’s technically me “unwinding from work,” but kinda not?


Harder to Find Hardware

Liz was excited to receive this in the mail, today. For all her searching (she’s been on the lookuut for years for hardware that matches our house)… she’d never encountered window pulls (aka sash lifts) before.


Bun Portrait

It’s a challenge, updating this blog when I really don’t leave the house all that much. I used to take more photos when I was walking to/from the train, and well… we really don’t do that anymore.


The Weepies: Say I Am You

There’s a distinct feeling of nostalgia I feel, listening to this album again. It’s also fitting that the days are shorter, and dusk arrives a little faster – as this album makes me think a lot about late fall.