Not in a Rush

Most days, I tend to be worried about getting to work on time. But after the talk, I hung back a little and opted to wait until others got off the train. I was fighting muscle memory in some aspects, but it also felt like the right thing to do.


Anyone Recognize This Tiny Bug?

Liz says she’s seen this very (very) small bug in a few rooms of our house. And on all floors – upstairs, first floor, and even basement. As she was describing the bug, wanting me to try to research it online, she spotted one on our bedroom wall. And so I was able to grab a quick photo. I’ve not…


An Official US Flag Disposal Box

And more than that, I began thinking about how long someone must have or own a flag, to have given it such use, that its age and state was such that it would require destruction. I began to think less about how frequent that might be, and the time needed for a flag to reach such a state. How long must it have flown? That context changed my way of thinking.


20×2 Chicago and an Impromptu Date Night

Tonight, I opted to just tell a story. I had some photos and slides made up, but it just ended up being all of two photos. And while they might have helped, they felt more like a distraction. So I just went all in on the words themselves.


A.A. Bondy: Of the Sea

And our love, it is true
So there’s not much to do
As the air in our lungs
Starts to hiss

And the ocean, it rolls
And the depths take their toll
When we get to the bottom,
We’ll kiss


Re-Reading Old Articles

For some reason, I’ve been going over old articles I’ve flagged as “compelling reads” on here. They’ve come up either due to current events, or some passing topic of conversation… and thought I’d re-share some of these. Because they’re all worth reading again.