Gingerbun House

The whole structure is a combination of actual gingerbread, icing, and polymer clay. I also think that a hot glue gun was involved. What this means is that, were I to try to eat portions of this Gingerbun house… there’s a 40% chance I’d encounter something that was not meant for human consumption.


Clay Bunnies

For her office holiday party/event, all of Liz’s coworkers are building gingebread houses. They’re all getting kits to assemble, and are doing a kind of Zoom-based, real-time gingerbread construction (remotely).

In preparation, Liz decided she was going to create some extra details. Translation: bunny rabbits.


Top Bun

It’s nice to see him up and about, as he still seems a little shy and nervous. In the evenings, when we open up their area to give them more room to run/roam… he seems more comfortable. He’s not a bunny I would call adventurous, but he’s seemed a little more so tonight.


Pandemic Reminder

There was a very big shift that happened in March of that year. And I guess this small Metra pass is a tangible representation of that particular time. The pass has long expired, of course. But I think I’ll likely hold onto it, regardless. It still has some small bit of value to me, even after all this time.



I never got into Wordle, or its many permutations/variations. But I happened across Murdle and decided to give it a whirl.

I recall similar word/logic games as a kid, from elementary school. I remember having fun reducing options, and narrowing things down to a select, singular thing.


Lost Kitten

As we were driving around tonight looking for a parking spot, Liz put her hand on my shoulder and said “What is that?”. There was a small shape in the road ahead, and at first I thought it might be a rat. But we both quickly realized it was a really small kitten.



“Some claim the origin of song
was a war cry
some say it was a rhyme
telling the farmers when to plant and reap”


Facebook Ads

It’s a little spooky that whatever algorithm keeps track of my history, and has decided to show this to me now. Perhaps it thinks I’m the kind of guy that wants something like this as a holiday gift.



Back home, after some time away… the bunnies are a little aloof. Daisy’s fine, and is pretty quick to adjust as she’s done this a lot before. But Hugo seems to be very unsure of things, and has kept his distance.