Hugo Burrito

We had some long overdue bunny maintenance planned today (cleaning Daisy up with some wet wipes, and clipping Hugo’s toenails). For both, Liz and I employed the tried and true “bunny burrito” method.


Cottage Duo

Got this lovely moment, when both Hugo and Daisy were in the cottage together. This has traditionally been Daisy’s spot, so it was fun to see Hugo also jammed in here with her.


The Fear Returns

Right now, I’ve become more wary about going out. I know I’ve been fairly cavalier about going out to bars and restaurants, but the feeling I get now is that it’ll be better to avoid public spaces this winter. At least, until things settle down a bit more.

I’m not convinced things will be fine, and have a growing worry that things will get worse. But I’m predisposed to that. The worry. So I guess we’ll just see.


Hugo, Napping

Usually, Hugo is all full of pep and energy. So it was a rare treat to find him taking a nap, and to see him flopped over a bit on his side to boot.


Memento Media Mori

Initially, it was surprising to see that there is a Memorialization settings option. But I guess it makes some degree of sense. What was most surprising to me is that this setting is one of three options, under General profile settings… and something at the very topmost level.


Gingerbun House

The whole structure is a combination of actual gingerbread, icing, and polymer clay. I also think that a hot glue gun was involved. What this means is that, were I to try to eat portions of this Gingerbun house… there’s a 40% chance I’d encounter something that was not meant for human consumption.


Clay Bunnies

For her office holiday party/event, all of Liz’s coworkers are building gingebread houses. They’re all getting kits to assemble, and are doing a kind of Zoom-based, real-time gingerbread construction (remotely).

In preparation, Liz decided she was going to create some extra details. Translation: bunny rabbits.


Top Bun

It’s nice to see him up and about, as he still seems a little shy and nervous. In the evenings, when we open up their area to give them more room to run/roam… he seems more comfortable. He’s not a bunny I would call adventurous, but he’s seemed a little more so tonight.


Pandemic Reminder

There was a very big shift that happened in March of that year. And I guess this small Metra pass is a tangible representation of that particular time. The pass has long expired, of course. But I think I’ll likely hold onto it, regardless. It still has some small bit of value to me, even after all this time.



I never got into Wordle, or its many permutations/variations. But I happened across Murdle and decided to give it a whirl.

I recall similar word/logic games as a kid, from elementary school. I remember having fun reducing options, and narrowing things down to a select, singular thing.