Beachcomber Nocturne

“Pink seafoam leaves odd gifts for me to find:
a puffed-up man-o-war, a mermaid’s purse,

empty lady slippers, Sargasso weed,
as if these things could fill my human needs.”



Liz and I are pretty beat. It’s been a whirlwind week, stemming back all the way to the previous weekend. We’ve been working our regular jobs, and then spending several hours each night getting things prepped for Halloween.

Yesterday was a blast. But boy, are we tired.


Halloween in Hyde Park, 2022: Plinko Board

We had a blast, watching kids step up and try to “win” their candy. I think the most memorable moments for us were when the kids tried to unsuccessfully play the game (we had several kids just throw the pucks at the board, head-on).


Plinko Board Build, Day 3: Dry Fit and Some Chaos

A big issue: in trying to get our pieces fully in, I was hammering the frame pieces in with a mallet. Despite me using a block of wood to lessen the direct impact, I was trying to really get the frame pieces to fit in.

Turns out, the dado cuts weren’t big enough. And my hammering ended up splitting the bottom frame. And we also damaged part of the right frame.


Shopping and Prepping for Halloween

Our cart. At least three different times, one of us said “I don’t know if we have enough.” Which then resulted in us throwing another $15 bag of candy into the cart. Even now, I’m still not sure if we have enough.


Deck Work

A few photos over the course of a few days, showing off some progress on the back porch. Liz has been painting a bit, as I’ve been (slowly) working on getting the railing re-installed/replaced.


Date Night at Home Depot

It’s come to this. It’s a Friday night, we’re both done with work… and how do we spend it? Walking around Home Depot, looking for light bulbs, a dado stack, and some lumber.


Secret Plans

Liz and I have some big plans in the works. Being a little coy here. Maybe you can tell what this is. Maybe not.

Either way – it’s gonna be fun. Stay tuned.