Scary Movies

“Today the cloud shapes are terrifying,
and I keep expecting some enormous
black-and-white B-movie Cyclops
to appear at the edge of the horizon,”


Backyard Hummingbird

A few days ago, I was able to record this visitor to our yard. Surprisingly, we’ve had a lot of hummingbirds stop by this year, despite us not having an actual hummingbird feeder.


AC Install, Back Garden Work

The AC unit, in place! It was a little tricky getting this thing up high enough… but we eventually got there. Bob and I had to put it in place, make some marks, and then take it back down. After he drilled in holes for the base/feet… we had to put this thing back up again.

We’ve got another unit going in, but it won’t be quite as tight a fit as this was.


A Slow Day

Much later in the evening, Liz described today as “a slow day.” And I think that’s pretty spot on. We didn’t rush anywhere, we didn’t need to worry about work. We just casually went about things at our own place.


Goodbye, Phineas

I am incredibly saddened to share the news that we had to put Phineas to sleep tonight. We knew he was struggling, but were hoping to have a bit more time with him. There’s a lot more to write and share, but I don’t know how soon I’ll be updating this particular entry. I’ll have more, but not just yet….


A Momentary Danger

Each time that shuttle bus would come by, it would likely hit this dangling branch… increasing the chance that it’d come down (either on the shuttle, or on some of the parked cars nearby).


Phineas Gets a Bath

We’ve taken to cleaning him here and there, by trying to wipe things down with a damp rag. But today, Liz and I decided we needed to bite the bullet and give him a more formal bath (technically, a butt soaking).


Supply Run

Today was a big supply run. We were out in the suburbs, running several errands over several locations. It was… a lot.


Critical Care

It’s a difficult thing to do, because we can tell he’s not feeling great. But he also looks so dang cute, when he’s being fed.

He’s not been doing great, though. And definitely needs the Critical Care.