Trim Inventory

Honestly, this took a lot longer than we anticipated. We’ve actually been doing this for a few nights, and it’s been a slow slog, with us putting in a few hours each night.


Early Birthday Celebration: Afternoon Arcade Games, Dinner at Daisies

I work half days on Fridays (a perk at Grubhub, where we all technically end the work week at 1PM on Fridays). Today, Liz took a half day to meet me downtown, and had an early birthday celebration for me planned.

I didn’t know what to expect, but hung out in the car as we drove our way to Logan Square. And parked on Milwaukee, alongside the two destinations (which were pretty close to one another).


Faded Lion

Spotted along 53rd. I like the backdrop of the arches. And how all that remains, all the eye focuses on is the mouth. And how you can almost hear the roar, even as the rest of the creature is fading away.


Trim Delivery

Big day for us – we have a scheduled delivery of our interior trim. It’s not everything we need for the house – but it’s all for the first floor.


Scary Feathers

Nearly every time it catches my eye, it makes me think a hawk has flow into the house… and gotten itself entangled in our lamp. And is hanging there, exhausted, trying to gather its strength so that it can thrash itself to freedom.


Franklin Room: Scotch Malt Whisky Society, March 2024 Outturn

Fun evening – we got to sit next to Michael, one of the regulars. And if memory serves, Michael (along with the event host Elhan) was among the first founders of the Chicago chapter of Drammers.

It was really fun for me to sit back, and to listen to Liz and Michael go back and forth. I tend to be intimidated in these settings, as my palate and experience seem limited compared to others – and I’m always awed to watch Liz, who is very much in her element.


Evening Demo

Suited up after work, to do a bit of office demo. Not really something I wanted to do, but my hope is to make more progress in this room (which will make way for, and make it easier for, electrical work to happen).

Only got about an hour in, but was surprised at how much I could do in that time.


Too Soon

It’s one thing to know my birthday is coming up. And that it’s a big number.

It’s something else entirely, to have this large shadow fall over my house. To have time manifest itself in such a direct and aggressive manner. To have the notion forced into my brain that the days ahead may not be equal, or less, to the days behind.

I’m not ready.


Scenes from Woodworking Class

Our next project (which I probably won’t end up finishing in time): a two piece plant stand.

Tonight, we got a walkthrough of the pieces we needed… and we set about measuring, marking, and cutting.

The students in the class are all over the place, in terms of the projects they’re currently working on. Some are pretty far ahead, some are far behind. But we all more or less paused, to work on getting the materials prepped for this project.