Exploring the History and Manufactured Availability of McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

“[…] in 2011 [McDonald’s] had to abandon the idea of using celery root in one of its food items because to offer the item, McDonald’s would have had to buy all of the world’s celery root supply, and there still would not have been enough celery to meet the projected demand. A frequent problem for the restaurant chain that annually serves 1/27th of all restaurant food consumed in the world, and caters to about 1 percent of the world’s population on any given day.”


Man Man

This week, I’ve been revisiting Man Man a lot during work. Specifically, their album “Life Fantastic.”

Continuing my habit of looking back to bands in my library that I haven’t listened to in a long while, the moment I heard Knuckle Down again I was sucked back in.


Winter Morning

“I know it’s because I’ve been fooled again
by the selfish, unruly man who lives in me
and believes he deserves only safety
and comfort.”


Holder Makes Holders

I was upstairs working on work work today (catching up a bit from the week), but she spent her time in the basement doing a ton of stuff: clearing away debris, reorganizing, and also building these bad boys. Which involved some angled cuts and a bit of table saw work.


Tech Consumer

For someone who has a hard time justifying more than $30 for a video game, I really got a lot of things in a short span of time. But I feel like the WFH thing is going to continue for at least another 9-12 months. And I’m feeling strongly that I may prefer to continue working remote if I can.


Priming the Dining Room

Continued work tonight in the dining room. With the ceiling and walls patched with mud, sanded, and wiped clean (all by hand)… the actual priming of the walls was going a lot easier.


Oil and Lock

What’s striking is what the wood looks like along the side (where she hasn’t gotten to apply the oil yet). Most of this is going to soak in over time, but it’s still a very surprising contrast.


Thanksgiving for Two

The two of us have a tremendous amount to be thankful for: our health, the health of our loved ones, our continued employment during a pandemic. We have a roof over our heads, and good food on the table.

There will be many cold months ahead. And as we wait for that future day we can see and hug our friends and family again, I’m thankful we have one another.


Stadia No

Also, the games themselves are… fine. I was thinking I’d have a Thanksgiving weekend chock full of games to choose from, and I’ve mostly gone through all of them. And most have only kept my interest/attention for maybe 30 minutes, max.

While not a direct comparison, it does feel a bit like that trip to Nickel City Arcade.