Riding Home Alone

On the way home, I found myself one of the few (only?) passengers in my Metra car. Not just the one I was in, but the adjoining section to boot.


Bunny Close Up

Hugo is a pretty chill rabbit, but it’s always funny to remember just how sizable he is (especially compared to Daisy). I feel like those ears could pick up stealth bomber activity, over the Eastern seaboard.


Yard Day, Trimming All the Things

It’s been a long time coming – but today, Liz and I put some time in the backyard to trim down a lot of overgrown foliage.

On our side, Tippi has gotten out of hand. And honestly, has been out of hand for several months now. While Liz was working on Tippi, I was working on trimming a lot of the tree branches that were bleeding into our area from the neighbor’s yard… and over-shading our garden boxes.


Meeting Jamie Again, After Eighteen Years

I got a random message (through Instagram) from my friend Jamie, letting me know she would be in Chicago for a few days. “Friend” is an interesting word here. Jamie and I have known one another for a very, very long time. “Know” is also an interesting word here, as we met over two decades ago… back when we were both Flash animators and the Internet was just this very fledgling, shiny new thing we were all trying to figure out.


Daisy Flops

I know that when rabbits flop, it’s a sign they’re comfortable and at ease. Usually wary of predators, flopping on their side means they’re not concerned and feel safe.

There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s Daisy’s age getting to her, that she just needs more rest on her side. Either way though, it’s still lovely to see. And to get the sense that she feels safe and at ease with us, in our house.


A New Faucet

We started to notice small drips of water, under the sink, over the few weeks. And then things got a bit more, and a bit more… to the point where we realized we needed a new faucet.


Furnace Room and Drywall

Up until now, we’ve had two different access points to this part of the house. With this furnace room now officially drywalled up… we only have one way in/out to the office area. I was describing this as us “going the long way around” from here on out.