Smallpools Looper

So it’s come to this. I’ve been looping several songs from Smallpools a lot, lately. To the point where it just made things easier for me to create a “looper” playlist, that will just endless go over and over these songs.


Moulding Prep

While we had the total length needed for the moulding, the inner pieces were all around 46-47 inches long. I ended up with a lot of smaller pieces, but nothing long enough to handle the last two lengths I needed.


A Brief Visit to the DMV

On arriving here, there was just one guy ahead of me. I shared my relief that we were in a much smaller line, and the guy agreed. I learned he had arrived here with his wife and daughter, and the two of them were in the New License line. And all three of them had arrived here at 7AM, to try to beat the crowd.


First Grade

“Until then, every forest
had wolves in it, we thought
it would be fun to wear snowshoes
all the time, and we could talk to water.”


Katie and Tim’s Wedding

Tim’s father, Ray, was the officiant who did the marriage all those years ago. He was also the one who officiated last year (when they officially tied the knot). And he was the officiant today, when Tim and Katie were married in front of all their family and friends.

Ray is in the unique position to have married Katie and Tim not once, not twice, but thrice. Which seems like a very special and lucky thing, if you ask me.



Was spending a little time sitting with Daisy and Phineas. After they got super cozy, I was able to set my phone on the ground to get this close-up photo.


Bricks Incorporated

We were able to take several samples home with us, and are narrowing down our options. Luke gave us a lot of his time and guidance, despite the fact that we were (I would imagine) a very small customer, compared to the larger clients and jobs he typically works. He was also incredibly helpful in terms of pricing, and recommendations to keep our costs down.


Front Yard Work

I got to break up the monotony a bit, by helping move bags of mulch up front. While I didn’t have much to show, our front yard looks great again.



To be honest, I still have a sense of trepidation about Covid. I’m having a hard time adjusting my thinking to the idea that everything is ok or normal again, or at least a kind of vaccinated normal.

It’s hard to know if I truly feel it’s safe to travel. Or if I want to travel so badly, that I feel it’s safe.