Phineas Gets a Bath

We’ve taken to cleaning him here and there, by trying to wipe things down with a damp rag. But today, Liz and I decided we needed to bite the bullet and give him a more formal bath (technically, a butt soaking).


Supply Run

Today was a big supply run. We were out in the suburbs, running several errands over several locations. It was… a lot.


Critical Care

It’s a difficult thing to do, because we can tell he’s not feeling great. But he also looks so dang cute, when he’s being fed.

He’s not been doing great, though. And definitely needs the Critical Care.


The Helicopter Hallucination

Now, I’m no veteran. I’ve had zero military experience. But I understand enough about helicopters to know that they’re loud. That even far away, far up in the sky… helicopters are loud.

This thing… was not.



One thing that we’ve yet to fully address/fix is the fact that our cement floor doesn’t quite lead water to the french well. When water collects down here, it routes directly towards the basement door… and we’ve gotten more water/flooding ever since we set this area up.


Final Backfill

It didn’t really hit me until much later, when Liz pointed out that today… officially… we were done with all our soil backfill.

The bricks will likely sink a bit, in the coming weeks. And we’ll need to readdress the soil getting compacted down. But for all intents and purposes, all the soil backfill we need to do is done.


Buying Soil for the Backfill

Because I was mostly in the back of the house (away from public view), this particular pair of jeans was passable. But I think today was the final day I could wear these guys out in public, outside of the house.


Daisy, Close Up

Snapped this brief moment, after all the nail trimming was done. Got to see her resting and still for a few beats, where she was ok to be held for just a little while.


The Last Bin

Spent today starting to do some of the backfill. There’s a small gap between the concrete walls, the plywood supports, and the actual backyard. That space needs to get filled with soil, so that the yard doesn’t collapse into it… and to also provide a bit more material for rain to run through.