Remembering How I Used to Look at the World

I used to look at the world through a different lens back then, seeing shadows and movement. Wondering how I might recreate a certain instance or effect in Flash. I’d be taking the Blue Line to or from work, and the rapid shimmer of light within the train car made me think about keyframes and masks.


Second Floor Closet Demo

I was working from home (we’ve switched to doing early morning deploys at work, and I was handling our 8:00 AM deploy today). A nice benefit for me was I could quickly change into my work clothes at the end of the day, and get right into demo work.

Well, eventually. After I put up a lot of plastic to prevent the rooms from getting all dusty. But soon after that prep, I was able to remove a lot of studs defining the second floor hallway closet.


We’ll Fix it Later

In the building where I work, there are a set of elevator banks that take me to my floor. In each of the four elevators (on my side of the main lobby), every single loving one of them has at least two or more visible screws missing.


Not Tasks, Adventures

Liz and I had a series of errands today, and last night I was trying to “plan” how things would go. In our conversation, she mentioned a phrase to me that stuck with me – referring to adventures, not tasks.

The older I get, the more I believe that the world rises up to meet the expectations you set for it. Imagine anger and selfishness, that’s what you’ll see; imagine kindness and good intentions, that’s also what you’ll see. You get what you expect, so why not expect the positive?


Waking Up at 4:00 AM for a Colonoscopy

Honestly, in addition to the process itself… the administration of this drug was also fairly unsettling to me. I heard stories of people emerging from this having said or blurted out all manner of crazy things.

Part of me wondered: what would I say? Horrible things about what I thought of others? Would I blurt out statements that would reveal me for the horrible person I am, deep down? Would something happen where I would lose all of my memories, and not just the ones during the procedure.


Colonoscopy Prep

The day before my procedure, I was working from home. I dropped Liz off at the train station, picked up a coffee… and what I walked by the bathroom upstairs, I spotted this little gift that Liz had left for me.

My wife, ladies and gentelmen. God bless her.


Debating Leaving Social Media

“A simple way to get started training this ability is to frequently expose yourself to boredom. If you instead always whip out your phone and bathe yourself in novel stimuli at the slightest hint of boredom, your brain will build a Pavlovian connection between boredom and stimuli, which means that when it comes time to think deeply about something (a boring task, at least in the sense that it lacks moment-to-moment novelty), your brain won’t tolerate it.”


A Reminder From Above

Spotted this yesterday, as we were outside in the backyard. Guessing there was some promotional thing going on (I hate that my mind goes there first), due to the crowds downtown at Lollapalooza. But it still caused me to follow the instructions.


Weekend in Whitehall, Day 4

A quiet moment in the porch. While we were playing our game, Anne and Kirt were both out here just hanging out – reading a little, and working a bit on a puzzle. Later on, Liz and Isabelle both joined.

When I snapped this photo, the sun was pouring in, things were quite in the house, and NPR was playing in the background. It really was a lovely, late morning moment.