Spent the afternoon building out two more sets of horses. I think these guys are slightly better than my first attempt. I got a bit more comfortable, and was doing a lot of the production work in waves/sets.


Lifehouse: Hanging By A Moment

At some point about a week ago, this song entered my head. For I’d say about a week now, this song has not left my head.

I have no clear explanation. It just showed up, without any rent, and decided to squat. Despite recognizing the song/tune, I actually had to look up the band’s name.


Impromptu Martinis

So here we are with our martinis. And a small appetizer of french fries. Granted, they’re made with truffle oil and parsley, so they’re fancy fries? A little high brow, a little low brow – a nice combination for us.


Hugo’s Cape

In the evenings though, I hide pellets underneath this guy. And Hugo’s always the one to go digging. To the point where it always looks like he’s wearing a small poncho or cape.


Dinner and Scotch with Katie and Tim: SMWS Febrauary 2024 Outturn

The tasting was a lot of fun, and I daresay the mini tastes we had afterwards were just as enjoyable. I continue to be awed at the generosity of the folks at these gatherings (Lauren, Steve, and Max in particular).

I’m glad Katie and Tim got to experience a society tasting. And doubly glad they got to see a bit of what happens, at the afterparty of sorts. Lots of really fun conversations, knowledgeable people, and an overall good time.


A Day of Imperfect Things

At a certain point, I started to become worried that my piece would snap and break apart, and became less worried about the actual joint itself. The fact that this middle piece came out while the rest of the wood remained intact? A small miracle.


Basement Cleanup

We’ve got a lot of interior trim coming our way, soon. And our house is still not in a place where I would say that we have “extra room” for things.

As of now, the basement is our best location for storage. And we’ve been trying to clear things out, and make a bit more room.


True Detective, Season 4

So this is an odd thing to say, but I found the sex scenes in the first episode incredibly revealing. I’m not talking about the physical act that was shown, I’m talking about the way that these scenes spoke about Foster and Reis’ characters.

It’s hard to describe if you haven’t seen it. I’m not talking about the tawdry or lascivious nature of these scenes. To me, they genuinely added an incredible amount of depth to both characters, giving a lot of interesting insight into how both women carried themselves in the world.


Metra/Ventra Woes

Other riders in my train were experiencing the same thing. And it slowly dawned on everyone that our ability to “pay” for our tickets was compromised. We heard an announcement talking about the app issues, and everyone basically got to ride the train for free.

What struck me was that this was like a mini-Y2K event for Metra/Ventra. The February 1 timeline resulted in a significant before/after shift, and perhaps they could have done a bit more QA before the big day.


Two Ladders

It’s an odd thing, but I feel like I lost a skill. Not that my photos were ever that skillful. I’m talking about a way of looking at the world. I’m out of practice.

I felt this way about writing poetry, in particular. I did it a lot when I was younger, in grad school, and during my early years in Chicago. But as I slowly replaced writing poetry with writing code, I feel like I lost a certain point of view. I feel like I lost a way of looking at the world.



“kalsarikannit: (noun) Getting drunk at home, in a hotel room or other comparable location in your underwear, with no intention of heading out to a bar later on.”


Gibbs the Shop Dog

His tail is all motion, anytime he sees anyone new. And he’s incredibly friendly, walking over to say hello. Or rather, he’ll come over to see if you have any food… and once he determines you don’t have any food, he moves on.


I Heard That

Hugo is young and full of energy, but he’s also this incredibly immense coward. Sometimes I’ll walk by, and my appearance just causes him to dart for cover.