The Tyranny of Spreadsheets

“When used by a trained accountant to carry out double-entry bookkeeping, a long-established system with inbuilt error detection, Excel is a perfectly professional tool. But when pressed into service by genetics researchers or contact tracers, it’s like using your Swiss Army Knife to fit a kitchen because it’s the tool you have closest at hand. Not impossible but hardly advisable.”


Birthday Party for Jake

I ended up arriving between waves, as one set of folks were leaving and another showed up. We had a ton of rain (and some tornado sirens) earlier in the day, but by the time the party was underway… there wasn’t much more than the occasional slight drizzle.


No Alarms

Lately, over the last 4-5 weeks or so, I’ve been getting up in the mornings before my alarm goes off. In fact, I think it’s been something like 4-5 weeks where I’ve even heard my alarm go off. It’s weird.


Breaking [News]

“I? become a machine. A transfer of information. They? become a plea for empathy,

an oversaturation of feelings we’ll fail at transforming into action.”


Alternate Realities

This is a mesmerizing collection of videos, showing the top 100 submissions of a challenge issued to 3D artists worldwide. Each clip was based on the same initial animation, with certain rules that needed to be adhere


Initial Planting

More work in the backyard, with a lot of the soil tilled and amended. While a lot of our soil is generally really rich and great, the areas here have been hard and dry. So much so, that it’s really difficult to even get a shovel in.