Grubhub, Late

Still really weird to be back. And to experience waves of nostalgia and memories of a place that is still very much in the present tense, but also in the past tense in some respects.


After the Pour

Bob was here today, and brought the stairs back down. And more than that, he fixed them against the supporting wall… and added an extra brace, to boot. Should give us a bit more sturdiness, before we actually put in the for real wall(s) down here.


Grubhub Happy Hour

A lot of fun stories, and I had some genuinely good, deep laughs that I haven’t had in a work setting in a super long time. Really nice to catch up with everyone in person, and to raise a few glasses getting to know one another again. And in some cases, for the first time.



Unfortunately, the forklift couldn’t really make it very far down our driveway. What this meant is that the materials got dumped near the front of the house… and we’d need to physically transport things towards the back.


Weighing Phineas

One of our last visits to the vet showed that Phineas had lost a substantial amount of weight – a very concerning thing. On his latest visit, he’d gained a bit more… but is still a ways away from where he “normally” should be.

I’m happy to report that today’s weigh-in has him at the same level. So no loss of weight (a good thing), so he’s at least maintained his weight over the last week or so.