Hello to all you folks visiting for Pi Day! Every year around March 14th, I tend to get a lot of traffic to my little website (and to this page in particular). Though this was an old Flash experiment of mine from many years ago, I’m happy to still see folks getting some enjoyment out of it after all this time. If you’re interested in seeing more Flash work, I have some other stuff posted in my experiments/projects section.

I’ve also been maintaining a blog for some time now (I’ve been making daily entries since July, 2002). If something interesting has happened to me in the last eight years, well… it’s probably up here on the blog, somewhere. Below are a few older posts you might find of interest. I invite you to explore and browse around a while. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. i think this is cool and weird

    Indya Reply

    • Hello:

      Are there any attempts to put music to the roots of functions etc so that graphs may get a musical piece associated with them?

      Thank You

      jim Reply

  2. cool

    crazymonkey Reply

  3. This tool is neat application of pi. I like how it mixes math and music.

    Bri Reply

  4. how do you represent 0?

    Moni Reply

  5. he he, nevermind. I got it :)

    Moni Reply

  6. My students totally loved this website and activity. Thank you!

    Ms. Tiller Reply

  7. Happy Pi Day! I’m listening to this as I do my homework.. Geometry homework.. about circles :D

    Robin Reply

  8. Try putting all the prime numbers (2,3,5,7) in the treble clef and all the composite numbers in the bass clef or vice versa. It makes some nice patterns depending on the voicing you’re using.

    Zach Reply

  9. Have you tried converting pi to base 12 so that the entire chromatic scale can be utilized in one stream?

    William Glaser Reply

  10. Heh. This is pretty cool. Helps me with learning pi too! AND I’M HAPPY! PI DAY IS ONLY ONE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!!

    And I remember like 42 pi digits… 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716

    Miss Dude Reply

  11. Awesome! Love this. I enjoy math and music, so this was a real hit for me. My favorite was the A Major scale version.

    Name Reply

  12. I don’t understand this.

    Vivian Reply

    • I am just kidding

      Vivian Reply

  13. sounds really fun just need more notes

    tator tot Reply

  14. NEVER REMOVE THIS. EVER! I’ll cry like a toddler, I swear to you. I’ve asked everyone where I could find it for years. I googled and bothered people that I hardly knew trying to find this, lol.

    some girl Reply

  15. This is amazing… but no longer works because Flash isn’t supported anymore. Can you update?

    Darby Reply

  16. Can someone rewrite this in a non-flash version, now that Flash is no longer supported? I would love to try this with my STEM students!

    Meg Reply

  17. Oh please get this to work again.

    some girl Reply

  18. Hi Mr. Saya, I came across this a year later and this pi game is awesome!!! It really is a bummer that school went all virtual right as pi day was rolling around, and I’m still curious about the pi pies you were talking about. Anyways, this game is really fun and thank you for always being an awesome math teacher!!!

    Hannah C. Reply

    • I’m saddened. This isn’t working “Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported”.

      Joanna Pena Reply

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