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  1. I like this and plan to play it for my middle school choirs. Can I get a hold of the written music somehow?

    Thanks for sharing!
    Janine Dodd

    Janine Dodd Reply

    • Hi Janine –

      I actually don’t have the sheet music for this round. It’s something I learned when I was in High School. The recording of myself singing was done from memory. Not sure why, but the song stuck.

      I’m not sure where you might track down the sheet music. You could try contacting my HS choir instructor, Pat Wiehe. She may or may not remember the song (it was 1992 when I learned it).

      PS: I talked a bit about this round (and actually sang some of it in front of a crowd) at my Pecha Kucha talk.

      avoision Reply

  2. Hello,

    Many years ago I found a project on Avoision that slowly drew in an image while a song played. At the end of the song, a photograph was revealed from the tracing.

    I recall the lyrics “while the magician is asleep”, “curtained windows stare”, “red ribbons floating, weightless in the sky”.

    Can you tell me the name and artist of that song? I haven’t been able to find it again and it’s been in my head. Thanks.

    Jon King Reply

    • What a lovely reminder of an old experiment (and an even lovelier reminder of my friend’s music). The musician is Dave Fischoff, and the song is “A Nap At Truthtime, Some Magic Slips Away,” from his album “The Ox and the Rainbow.”

      You can listen to the song online, via Spotify and YouTube

      And you can find Dave online at

      avoision Reply

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