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Liz’s Birthday Roadtrip to Michigan – Day 1: Hammond Salvage and Resale, Rabbit Run Inn, Lakeside Antiques, and Harbert Antique Mall

From time to time, I’ll encounter objects at flea markets or antique stores – objects from my childhood. And when I see them, it’s a weird trigger: a brief sliver of my life/past has suddenly manifested, and is for sale. Whenever this happens, it’s a mixed feeling. Part of me feels old to have owned something that now appears in an antique store.


Buying an Acoustic Guitar: Excited, Nervous

I’ve been considering getting an acoustic guitar for some time now. Over a year, easily. More than two years, possibly. I like the idea of playing music again, and quite honestly… singing a little. I sing from time to time, but I do so kind of in secret – either in the shower, or when I’m in the apartment alone. The act of singing a song I like brings me great pleasure, but the thought of “performing” for other people doesn’t quite elicit the same response.


Finding Vivian Maier – Trailer

Living across the street from an auction house, John Maloof ended up purchasing a box full of negatives for $380. From there, he discovered the work of Vivian Maier and began trying to unravel who she was – her history, and her passion for photography.


Autograph Book: Minnie E. Duryee

Autograph Book: Minnie E. Duryee

I purchased an autograph book at a pop-up flea market in 2011 for $20. I was fascinated with this item, and slowly began to scan and transcribe each page… wondering at the hidden stories behind each name. The autograph book belonged to Minnie E. Duryee, with the earliest entry...

Questions About Processing Old Kodachrome Movie Film

A few days ago, Liz and I went to Wolff’s Flea Market over the Labor Day weekend. There, I happened across three reels of old movie film, and decided to buy them for $1 apiece.

I later learned from Alex that the film I got was Kodachrome, a type of film that is no longer processed. There was one place in Parsons, Kansas (Dwayne’s Photo), that used to do all the developing work (even Kodak outsourced their lab work to these guys)… but Dwayne’s processed their last roll of Kodachrome on December 30th, 2010.


Here, I Got You A Little Something

I was doing a bit of an inventory – looking back on the things I’ve done, the things I’m planning to do, the things I haven’t done yet. “Sad” is too strong a word, and “bummed” a little too light of one. Somewhere in between.

When I mentioned this to Liz, she stood up and said I’ve got something for you. I wasn’t sure what it was, but she went into the office, came back, and handed me this:


Jung Family Vacation In Sawyer, Michigan – Day 3: Apparel From the Past and Shawnee Road Antiques

Before we trekked to Sawyer, I did a bit of searching around for nearby places of interest. I happened to come across a place called “Apparel from the Past”. This line in particular caught my eye:

“We have over 1,000 vintage and antique garments, hats, purses, gloves & shoes from the mid-1800’s through the mid-1900s, with an emphasis on the 1940s and 1950s.”

Knowing my wife, this was definitely a spot we were going to visit.


Warrior Dash 2012, Illinois: Dollinger Family Farm

At the start of this year, I found out that Mike and Phil were entering an event called Warrior Dash – a 3.19 mile obstacle course that involved, fire, barbed wire, and copious amounts of water and mud.

Though I wasn’t interested in participating as a runner, I was still interested in going to document the event. I wrote in, and was able to get onto the media list. Which, I found out, involved me pretty much being able to wander the course on my own (which was pretty great).