Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha Presentation: Downloads

For anyone interested, I’m posting up all the materials I used for my talk. Feel free to grab these as guides for your own talk, or if you’re just interested in seeing some of the slides up close.

All files are zipped. The slides are individual jpgs, the Photoshop PSD is saved as a Photoshop CS file, and the videos both link out to the source files stored on Vimeo.

All Slides
(4 MB)
Photoshop PSD
(39 MB)
Video, Live
(37 MB)
Video, Slides + Audio
(42 MB)

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  1. This is the best Pecha Kucha guide I ever found in the internet. Thank you very much!

    Olga Reply

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this helpful guide in such detail!

    Mike Reply

  3. I’m planning to use the pechakucha format for my presentation and I’m so thankful for reaching this guide :)

    Ai Reply

  4. Just very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

    Ashleigh Reply

  5. I am due to do a Pecha Kucha talk next week and have been putting it off as I don’t like doing public presentations. After reading this guide I have decided to get stuck in and start planning. Thanks for posting.

    Kam Reply

  6. hey it says we couldn’t find a page when i clock either to view or to download:( is there a way i can access this presentation?

    darina Reply

    • Hi darina –

      Looks like the download links changed when Vimeo updated their site, many months ago. I went back in and updated those URLs, and they should work now.

      If you want to download the videos to your computer, you can use the links above. But if you simply want to watch the videos, you can head over to the videos section to see them.

      avoision Reply

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